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Wild Secrets

Enormous glittering clitoris billboards is not something you see everyday. Maybe that’s the problem. We got Australia friendly with the clitoris: the female erogenous zone that’s been overlooked for far too long, with the aim of helping to close the orgasm gap.

Working with Wild Secrets on a mission to normalise sex toys, we gained permission to enter media channels the adult retailer was usually blacklisted from and met the mainstream audience through a sex-positive topic that helped break down stigma. Our anatomically accurate 3D clitoris was boldly splashed across peak evening BVOD, OOH, display and Instagram, telling us through husky tones all the reasons she should never be ignored again.

  • 15.6%%increase in market share

  • 23%increase in branded search

  • 128,727additional orgasms (by our calculations)

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