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Why #mostinterested?

Here’s something for free about how people work : you need to be interested before you can be interesting.

If you want to be the noun, you have to do the verb.

This just makes sense. Right?

There are no shortcuts. You can’t fake it.

Being most interested is about filling that little shoebox inside your head with observations and vignettes and ideas.

It’s about paying attention. Making discoveries. Being astonished.

Because the world really is worth watching.

For example, did you know that good quality audio seems to make you sound 19% cleverer?

Or that psychedelic cryptography is a way of concealing messages (normally in videos) so that only people who’ve taken LSD can receive the messages.

Here’s something: a couple of years ago beauty live-streamer Li Jiaqi sold $1.9 billion worth of products in one twelve hour show. That’s a helluva lot of goop.

And did you know that sometimes our expectations are even more powerful than our genes? Humans are weird.

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We think being really Interested is so fundamental to cultivating human creativity and innovation, we decided to fill some buildings with a bunch of most interested people.

We call them Royals.

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And because creativity is a multiplayer game, we created a operating system around it all and embedded being most interested into how we learn and understand, how we work, how we collaborate and how we create.

With this, being most interested moves from simply being a human trait and way of being, to a galvanising strategy for a cohesive, creatively ambitious modern company.


  • Business Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Content Strategy
  • Comms and Media Planning
  • Experience Architecture
  • Intelligence - Research and Insight


  • Integrated Concept Campaigns
  • Visual Design
  • Brand Identity and Naming
  • Fast Response Retail
  • Digital Content
  • On Ground Activation


  • 360 Production
  • Experiential
  • CRM
  • Interactive Experiences
  • Social and Influencer Marketing
  • Measurement and Reporting
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For our clients, this means we’re exploring and experimenting today, to understand what tomorrow means for them and their customers. With the exponential rate of change being ready for what’s coming is harder than ever.

Yellow Pages
Athena Home Loans
Natural Chip Co
Wild Secrets
Melbourne Racing Club
Dr Oetker
Open Universities Australia
McMillan Shakespeare
Papa Giuseppe
MLC Life Insurance
Ivory Coat
News Corp
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Being most interested leads to creating most interesting ideas.

Creative solutions that are hyper-informed, culturally relevant and primed to have impact.

These are the ideas you want. You know you do.

We are The Royals.

The most interested agency in the world.

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