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When it comes to the conversation around sex, older Australians aren’t welcome. The very idea of senior sex has become a punchline.

So how do you open up a conversation with a generation that’s been shut down and stigmatised?

We brought the conversation directly to them, reaching out in spaces where they felt most comfortable; including a traditional 16-page mail-order catalogue delivered to their doors, mobile OOH billboards outside lifestyle communities, BVOD targeting older demographics and long form press.

All with a first of a kind CTA: access 20% off sex toys with your senior citizens card.

The Better With Age campaign tapped into traditional media to spread a modern message of sexual empowerment.

Better with Age started a conversation that no other voice in the market was having.
  • 10%Lift in new website visits from customers aged 65+

  • 19%lift in transactions from customers aged 65+

  • 32%lift in revenue from customers aged 65+

  • Officially recognised as a partner of Victorian Seniors Card

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