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How Unnatural Fridays became a natural fit

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ICYMI, last week The Royals took out the top spot for The Australian Financial Review’s AFR BOSS Best Places to Work 2024 (Media and Marketing). And while we’re done with the thank you speech, we did want to talk just a little bit more about the importance of culture and the creativity it helps harvest.

Enter Unnatural Fridays - our commitment to living - as we like to say - #mostinterested. Here’s a peek at some of our favourite work that’s been powered and produced thanks to Unnatural Fridays.

‘The Public Diagnosis’ - The Brain Cancer Centre

Brain cancer is one of Australia’s deadliest cancers. It kills more kids in Australia than any other disease and more people under 40 than any other cancer. Despite this harrowing reality, a lack of visibility and research investment means the survival rates of brain cancer have barely changed in 30 years.

Working with The Brain Cancer Centre, we turned the devastating private moments of diagnosis - and the shattering wave of realisation it unleashes - into The Public Diagnosis, a campaign to emphasise the toll of this little known, deadly disease on Australian families.

the public diagnosis: the brain cancer centre

‘Parental Work Skills Certification’ - with the University of Melbourne

The hiatus that new parents take in their career has always been looked at as a career gap, not a career gain.

To help new parents re-entering the workforce we created a ‘Parenting Work Skills’ certification - and then partnered with the University of Melbourne’s GenEQConsulting to help deliver it. By validating the invaluable skills gained through caregiving, the aim is to support a smoother transition back to work while also simultaneously recognising essential skills for the future of work amongst peers and employers alike.

parental skills certificate: university of melbourne

‘Better with Age’ - Wild Secrets

Wild Secrets is an adult retailer with a mission to normalise pleasure for everyone. But when it comes to the conversation around sex, it feels like older Australians aren’t always welcome. So how do you open up a conversation with a generation that’s been shut out and stigmatised?

We brought the chat directly to them. The ‘Better with Age’ campaign featured an old-school 16-page mail-order catalogue, mobile OOH billboards outside lifestyle communities, and even a seniors discount for sex toys.

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