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It’s been how long? The Royals’ take on a year of Coronavirus

A year ago we set The Royals a task to creatively respond to coronavirus. Exactly 12 months on, we’ve set a new Royals challenge — respond…

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I’m officially an adult and hobbyless. What’s wrong with me?

In a big year, this year’s birthday was a big one for me. I turned 25 which, in my mind, is when you enter adulthood and level up to a…

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Lose Yourself: How improv taught me to embrace the unknown

My heartbeat is like a rhythmic thunderclap in my chest. I’m apprehensive and restless. I’m standing in a room behind the stage of a small…

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Everybody Knows Edition 59: How kindness makes for better creativity

This is a story about creativity.

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Throw Away the Script: What Mike Leigh’s filmmaking can teach creatives

Recently I watched Mike Leigh’s Life is Sweet. It was a recommendation that director Dylan Harrison of Hooligan Collective made when we…

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Creative Confidence: Backing ideas in the time of COVID-19

Humans don’t deal with uncertainty well. We like to have a plan, a timeframe and a light at the end of the tunnel. When we lose our…

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Alone, Together: The Royals’ response to the coronavirus crisis

COVID-19 has changed us. So, as The Royals settled into isolation, we set a challenge. Creatively respond to the statement ‘coronavirus is…

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The Age of Agency: Why brands need you more than you need them

“Don’t buy this jacket.” And then all the reasons why you shouldn’t. That was the full page ad in the November 25, 2011 issue of The New…

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Our singular newsletter exploring the realms of creativity, popular culture, media, art & technology.

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