The Royals

A podcast about diversity


FAST is a market leader in the area of commercial and asset finance.  In a crowded and highly scrutinised market, they have embraced divergent thinking to create a meaningful space from their competitors.

The Royals developed the Adjust the Contrast podcast series to illustrate the power in diversity, and show how a diversity of thoughts can be brought to solving issues that are at the core of what brokers face today.

Hosted by lawyer and presenter Adam Liaw - the Adjust the Contrast podcast series explores why diversity matters and how it reduces risk and creates opportunity.

The series features experts including former Sex Discrimination Commissiner Liz Broderick, Deloitte’s Juliet Bourke, indigenous leader Tanya Hosch, writer Benjamin Law, former AFL club chief Cameron Schwab and co-creator of You Can’t Ask that Kirk Docker.

  • 32Minutesaverage listening time. Adjust The Contrast had achieved over 4k listens by episode 3.

  • 4.6/5Ratingon Apple podcasts.

  • ‘Feature podcast’ on Apple podcasts + promoted as ‘What’s trending’ podcast on Spotify.
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