The Royals

Take me home loan


Australian’s just aren’t aware of how bad mortgages are with the big banks. They’re in a mortgage coma.

If only home loaners could compare the big banks and Athena, the reason to switch would become obvious?

When we were tasked with bringing Athena to the living rooms of Aussies we thought what better way than a dating show to help you find your perfect ‘home loan’ match.

With this brief we created ‘Take me home loan’, a 30 second TV Show bringing the love back to your mortgage. We personified “Beep Bank” to represent everything that made us question the banks. Athena, on the other hand, is the customer champion and the “Goddess of the good stuff”. The choice is clear, every time.

This latest work joins the suite of assets we’ve developed for Athena’s ‘Love us and Leave us’ campaign, including high-impact OOH, digital film and award winning radio. Positioning Athena as the only brand that’s committed to helping Australians pay off their home loans faster.

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